Lipstick Love – Loreal Mocha Gold










I love nude, neutral colours on my lips and my lipstick collection include too many variations of pink, brown, mauve, and coral to count (I’m hoping to feature my favourites in this space, hence the new series). Red, now that’s another story. Classic though it may be, I find it really hard to find the right red that flatters my warm skintone without emphasising the imperfection in my skin.

This shade of red, however, deserves a post. It’s Loreal Mocha Gold from their Star Collection, by Eva Longoria. It’s a warm red that’s not too bright and not too deep, with gold flecks in it *squeals*! It lends a degree of sophistication even when worn with a casual outfit. Oh, and it has a drugstore price tag!

Do you have a favourite red lipstick? I’d like to know!

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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