Our Current Favourite Lipsticks

I do not know why it’s taken me this long to jump into the lipstick bandwagon, but up until recently, I’ve always opted for tinted lip balms and lip stains. That certainly has changed! Lipsticks have come a long way and the formulations available out there are so good: highly-pigmented, moisturising, and long-wearing, with a variety of finishes you can think of: sheer, glossy, shimmery, satin, or matte. It’s the easiest way to change your look, and whatever your preferences may be, there is a perfect lipstick out there for you. With my sister’s help, I thought I’d showcase some of our current favourites here: my nude browns and dusty pinks, my sister’s bright reds and corals.

Mac Kinda Sexy

Mac – Kinda Sexy

Nyx Tea Rose

Nyx – Tea Rose

Nyx Whipped Caviar

Nyx – Whipped Caviar

Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink

Bobbi Brown – Brownie Pink

Sephora Red

Sephora – Always Red

Sephora Strawberry

Sephora – Strawberry Kissed

Sephora Watermelon

Sephora – Watermelon Slice

Nyx Amsterdam

Nyx – Amsterdam

Nyx Prague

Nyx – Prague

Kat Von D - Lolita

Kat Von D – Lolita

lipstick sisters

What are your favourite lipsticks? We’d like to know!

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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