Waterway Park @ Punggol

I know this blog has been abandoned for weeks, guys, and for that I’m sorry. I’ve been up to my ears in work, and before you know it, December is here and yesterday was my last day of work in 2015! *Insert a frantic but happy dance here*

As I’m writing this, V and I are chilling at the airport in Hanoi waiting for our next flight to Tokyo and I still can’t believe the long-awaited trip is finally happening! I promise to post lots of good pictures and tell you all about the trip once we’re back next year, but if you want a more frequent update, follow me on Instagram @everydayedwina as I’ll update it throughout the trip!

For now, here are some pictures from a couple of weekends ago when V and I decided to visit the Waterway Park at Punggol. It’s a serene, beautiful spot. My advice? Go early in the morning or rather late in the afternoon. You don’t want to be there when the sun is high.

Punggol 2

Punggol 3

Punggol 4

Punggol 5

Punggol 6

Punggol 7

Punggol 8

Punggol 9

Punggol 10

Punggol 11

Punggol 12

Punggol 13

Punggol 14

Punggol 15

Punggol 16

Punggol 17

Punggol 18

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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