Photography Gear Update: FUJIFILM X-T1


Edwina 1

Who aren’t interested in photography these days, with so much media being shared digitally and photography gear becoming more accessible and offering more options to cater for every need and style? I, for one, own a Canon 6D DSLR camera which I’ve been using to take most of the photos I share here, and it’s definitely not a lightweight gear, literally and figuratively. In fact, I have been searching for a lighter alternative for some time, but could not find one with an image quality that comes close to the 6D, so I waited.

Enter the new generation of mirrorless cameras. They offer the advantages of the DSLRs: big sensor, interchangeable lenses, and advanced controls in a smaller, lighter body without the mirror mechanism! How promising! After a period of window-shopping and copious Googling for reviews, I narrowed my choice down to 2 brands and models: the FUJIFILM X-T1 and OLYMPUS OM-D-EM5 Mark II. The former is my personal choice while the latter is highly recommended by a friend and has a slightly lower price tag. I deliberated for a week and finally decided to buy the FUJIFILM X-T1! The price difference is small, and I knew I would be using it lots, so V said I had to go with the one I personally liked the most.

I have been using it for a few weeks now and can say I am so psyched by the purchase! I love the camera’s analog controls, its classic look and feel, its electronic viewfinder which is truthfully the best I’ve ever seen, and because it’s so much lighter than the 6D, I can carry it comfortably slung around my neck for one whole day! Most importantly, the images it produces are so stunning! I would highly recommend this camera to anyone.

In case you’re wondering, I did not buy the camera with the 18-55mm kit lens. I bought a Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 lens (equivalent to a 53mm lens for a 35mm format) instead because I love portrait photography. The kit lens may be a better choice for you if you want versatility and there is also an option to get the 18-135mm kit lens. My only advice if you get the same lens I did is to be extra careful with the lens hood cap. When you put it on, it doesn’t lock as strongly as you would like it to. I noticed it and still lost mine on a crowded train after only 2 weeks! I’m still heartbroken! Fuji, if you read this, do something about it, will you?

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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