Eddy and March’s Wedding

There was a time when I seemed to have a wedding to attend every other week. Now most of my friends have settled down, some with their second or third baby on the way, and weddings become rare occasions that happen about twice a year. A few weeks ago, we were invited to the wedding of Eddy and Marchel. Eddy is the youngest brother of my good friend and now sister-in-law Betty, and Marchel was his girlfriend of many years. It was a sweet, beautiful, family-friendly affair, the best kind of wedding in my book.

EM wedding 1

EM wedding 2

EM wedding 3

EM wedding 22

EM wedding 4

EM wedding 5

EM wedding 6

EM wedding 7

EM wedding 8

EM wedding 9

EM wedding 10

EM wedding 11

EM wedding 12

EM wedding 13

EM wedding 14

EM wedding 15

EM wedding 16

EM wedding 17

EM wedding 18

EM wedding 19

EM wedding 20

EM wedding 21

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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