Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden 1

Botanic Garden 3

Botanic Garden 4

Botanic Garden 6

Botanic Garden 7

Botanic Garden 10

Botanic Garden 11

Botanic Garden 13

Botanic Garden 15

Botanic Garden 21

Botanic Garden 23

Botanic Garden 24

Botanic Garden 25

Botanic Garden 26

Botanic Garden 27

Botanic Garden 29

These photos were taken on a Saturday morning when, against all odds, V managed to convince me to get up early and take a stroll at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Do you know that the Gardens was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site earlier this year? Or that it is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the list? Me neither.

Fearing mosquito bites, I threw on a sweater which I only happened to have in dark blue and a maxi skirt which I only happened to have in pastel colours. I thought they would look frumpy and mismatched, but to my surprise, I like the contrast. What do they say about fashion rules again?

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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