Winter Wear Inspiration

First of all, thank you all for the likes on my last post about planning a trip to Japan! I’m glad you’re excited about it too! I practically daydream about it most days now. We’ve booked all the accommodations (looking for them was fun too, and I will share our experiences and reviews after the trip for those of you interested), and are now working on a detailed day-by-day itinerary. V and I are both deliberate planners, so this step is a must. It doesn’t mean we are going to follow it down to a tee, but it gives us the assurance that we have thought everything through and not missed out any important aspect of the trip.

The girl in me is already starting to think about what to wear there. It will be winter, so I want to look great and stay warm at the same time. Where do I look for inspiration? Why, my favourite fashion bloggers, of course.




keiko winter 1

keiko winter 2

keiko winter 3

I think I need a coat in neutral colour, a colour block sweater, a chunky scarf, a grey beanie, and bright lipsticks! What are your favourite winter outfits?

Photos via Gary Pepper Girl and Keiko Lynn


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  1. So jealous of your upcoming trip! A good quality coat is definitely an investment, you’ll be wearing it lots.

    1. Edwina says:

      Thank you Libby! I agree with you, the trick is getting one that is great for travelling without spending too much on it because where I live (sunny Singapore) I don’t ever have a need for it! I visited your blog and saw that you’re from New Zealand! I went there last year and absolutely loved the place! It’s so beautiful! I’d like to go again sometime.

      1. Oh thank you! I’m very spoiled living here, it’s gorgeous. But then, we always take it for granted when we’re surrounded by it don’t we 😉

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