Planning Our First Trip to Japan


Even though I love almost everything about Japan, it has taken me this long to decide to travel to Japan, mainly because Japan is a notoriously expensive travel destination. Well, not so true nowadays since the Japanese Yen has dropped quite considerably against other currencies, so after a lot of deliberation which involves some calculation in a spreadsheet, I’m excited to announce that V and I will be travelling to Japan over the Christmas/New Year period which hopefully makes the experience more exciting, though perhaps slightly pricier.

As always, the internet is a wonderful source of inspiration, and we are thrilled to discover Japan Guide which is as comprehensive as a website about travelling in Japan gets. We will be following this itinerary, armed with the 14-days Japan Rail Pass for our commuting convenience.

It’s four months away but we can already see ourselves visiting the Ghibli Museum, getting lost in the crowd in Shibuya, soaking in an onsen, admiring picturesque Kyoto, and eating lots of delicious Japanese food! If you have suggestions for us, please leave comments! They are much appreciated.

Image via Asian Backpacker


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  1. Mchan says:

    Itineraries always make you travel a lot and when you have the pass the temptation is great to move a lot. In japan you will first need to find your hotel and check in and that takes time. 3 days is short for Tokyo I think and you can use Kyoto as base for a lot of short trips like nara, inuyama etc.

    1. Edwina says:

      Thank you, Mchan! I know 3 days is short, but we want to visit as many places as possible in 14 days to get an idea of the different parts of Japan, and then hopefully we get a chance to go again and spend more time on the few places we love. 🙂 What are your favourite places in Japan?

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