Alto de Coloane


Coloane 23

Coloane 24

Coloane 26

Coloane 27

Coloane 28

Coloane 29

Coloane 30

Coloane 31

Coloane 32

Coloane 33

Coloane 34

Coloane 35

Coloane 36

Coloane 37

Coloane 38

Just south of the Seac Pai Van Park, you will find a winding road Estrada do Alto de Coloane which takes you to the Coloane Peak, the highest point in Macau at about 170m above sea level. Hike up if you dare, but there is a free half-hourly shuttle (from 8 am to 6 pm) to transport the less-fit or time-poor visitors. Let’s be honest, V and I belong to the former. If you love a physical challenge, there are a number of hiking trails up and around the hill accessible from the road.

Waiting for you at the top is a beautiful unobstructed panoramic view of Macau and the sea, a statue of the Goddess A-Ma, protector of fishermen and sailors (19.99 metres tall to commemorate the year Macau once again became part of China), and an impressive temple which they say is a replica of a Qing dynasty palace compound. I would choose to visit a place like this over a casino anytime, but apparently the majority of Macau disagree.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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