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Here are more pictures from our walking tour of Macau, just because I realised I still had some unedited photos I would like to share with you which didn’t make it to my last post! Frommer’s Walking Tour 1 took us about 3-4 hours to complete leisurely, but if you’re not into doing the whole tour, the highlights for me would definitely be Senado Square, Lou Kau Mansion, Ruins of St. Paul’s, and Macau Museum. Don’t forget to wander around the fortress garden, at the top floor of the museum to take in the view.

All that walking is sure to leave you hungry, so my recommendation would be to head to the Macau tower and enjoy a buffet lunch at the 360 CafΓ©, a revolving restaurant on level 60. While the quality of the food is average, the variety andΒ the view make it a worthy feast for the price you pay. On a clear day, you won’t be disappointed.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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