Walking in Macau

Macau 1 Macau 2 Macau 3 Macau 5 Macau 6 Macau 8 Macau 9 Macau 11 Macau 12 Macau 13 Macau 14 Macau 15 Macau 16 Macau 18 Macau 19 Macau 20 Macau 21 Macau 22 Macau 23 Macau 24 Macau 25 Macau 26 Macau 27 Macau 29 I have to admit, I’ve never considered Macau in my list of places to visit (This reminds me of the time we found ourselves transiting in Colombo, Sri Lanka on our way to Rome and my sister Melina had to wonder out loud “Oh my god, we’re in Sri Lanka. Are we dreaming?”, which is not conveying positive disbelief in case you miss the slant), mainly because I’ve heard it’s essentially Asia’s Las Vegas. Heck, I read that it actually takes in five times more gambling revenue on an annual basis than Vegas, no doubt boosted by the rise of ultra-rich Chinese. But as luck would have it, I find myself spending more time here in the past few months than back home in Singapore. Yes, until such time that I become financially-free, I go wherever the work takes me.

For a bit of history to accompany the post, Macau was established as a Portuguese colony in the 16th century and to this date, you can see Portuguese influences everywhere, in street signs, road names, buildings, even the cobblestones! In 1999, Macau was declared a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, an autonomous territory that fall within the sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China, yet do not form part of Mainland China. For more information on this, ask Google!

On my first weekend in Macau, V flew in from Singapore to cure my homesickness and together we decided to explore this new, strange place. We chose to follow Frommer’s Walking Tours in Macau because Macau is small enough to explore on foot and who doesn’t enjoy walking tours? We could do without the heat, yes, but otherwise it was the best way to experience Macau sans gambling.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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