Seppeltsfield 1

Seppeltsfield 2

Seppeltsfield 3

Seppeltsfield 5

Seppeltsfield 6

Seppeltsfield 7

Seppeltsfield 8

Seppeltsfield 9

If you do find yourself visiting the Barossa Valley, here’s a must: drive along Seppeltsfield Road into Seppeltsfield Winery. The 10 kilometres of Seppeltsfield Road take you through a number of wineries and restaurants, but for me, it’s the distinctive palm trees lining the long, straight road just as you get into the Seppeltsfield estate that are so unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. The photos don’t do it justice, and my squinting certainly doesn’t help.

And if you’re into wine, by all means go all the way to Seppeltsfield Winery for a tasting (or more) of their famous fortified wines. Because we do not drink, we stopped by the Seppeltsfield Mausoleum instead. Built in the style of a Greek Doric temple, the mausoleum houses the remains of the Seppelt family on a nearby hilltop and affords great views across the valley floor.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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