More of Macau, from my Instagram


The last time I shared some of my Instagram photos of Macau in a post, you seem to enjoy them, so I thought I’d share more!

Macau from Instagram

1. View from 360 Cafe, Macau Tower

On the first weekend I spent in Macau, V came to visit and we enjoyed lunch at 360 Café, Macau’s highest and only revolving restaurant. I highly recommend this place for a visual and gastronomic feast!

2. View from Mount Fortress Garden

The Mount Fortress Garden is one of the major attractions of Macau, offering a panoramic view of the landscape of the peninsula. The parapets of the fortress were crenulated for the installation of 32 cannons which used to defend Macau against attacks from the sea, but you know the song… they paved paradise and put up a casino.

3. The Grand Lisboa at night

The tallest building you saw on the previous picture? It is the Grand Lisboa. It houses a casino, a hotel, and 14 high-end restaurants, 4 of which are Michelin-starred. With its size, height, and colourful lights, it is a distinct feature of the Macau skyline and looks spectacular at night.

4. A-Ma Statue

This 20m-high white jade statue of A-Ma, the goddess who gave Macau its name is located atop Alto de Coloane. The goddess A-Ma has long been revered in Macau as the protector of people who make their living at sea, fishermen and sailors alike.


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