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Last week, our belongings finally arrived in Singapore from South Australia, and within them, an external hard disk containing our treasured photos! Please consider this my excuse for posting photos that are at least a couple of months old here.

The ones I’m sharing with you in this post were taken the day we visited Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. It is located in the Adelaide Hills, reachable within half an hour drive from the Adelaide CBD and is one of South Australia’s most popular towns. Enter Hahndorf, and you will be greeted by pretty trees that line its main street (literally named Main Street too, bless the Germans!) and many beautifully maintained or restored old buildings. Even though it retains a unique village feel, the town is normally quite crowded with tourists. After we drove up and down Main Street several times in search of fast disappearing parking spots, we spent the day walking about and exploring the eateries (offering authentic German fare, though it was too early for us to go for pork knuckles and sauerkraut), German souvenir and gift shops (from the ones selling key chains and beer mugs to the ones selling intricate wooden handicrafts and clocks), and artisan stores selling handmade products (candles and knives, for examples). Plenty of things to see for everyone, definitely.

If you’re into wine, the Adelaide Hills is said to produce some of the best cold-climate wines in the world. The wineries here also offer delicious meals prepared using the finest local ingredients. If you’re like me and are not big on wine tasting or wine drinking in general, head to Beerenberg instead, a pick-your-own-strawberries farm. For a small entry fee, you can roam around the garden and pick and eat as many fresh strawberries you can stomach! If you decide to bring some home, however, they charge you by the kg and they’re not cheap. Come hungry and have fun!

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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