Style I’d Like To Try

Let me start by admitting that I’m not a fancy dresser. The way I dress is usually simple, functional, and comfortable. When I find items of clothing I like, I buy lots of them and wear them everywhere. Case in point: I have the same pants from Uniqlo in 4 different colours. Having said that, sometimes I come across styles I don’t normally wear that pique my interest. Here are two recent ones.

midi skirts

1. Midi skirt

I’m always acutely aware of how short I am, so when I wear a skirt, which is not very often, I make sure the hem ends above my knees. Until last year, when I saw and bought this beautiful dress, which I absolutely loved! Now these midi skirts do not look so daunting. The trick, I think, is to let it fall just a little under your knees and not much lower. The gingham one is so cute!

gladiator sandals

2. Lace-up gladiator sandals

If you’re a practical person, you might already be turned off by the fact that putting these sandals on and off takes more time than you usually reserve for casual footwear, but I can’t get over how beautiful they look with short frilly dresses. I’m going to be looking out for tan ones like the ones pictured here because they’re less severe than black and go with almost anything too.

Do you have any style you’d like to try too? Do share!

Photos via Atlantic-Pacific, Houston Culture Map, and Wendy’s Lookbook


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