Onboard the TranzAlpine

TranzAlpine 2

TranzAlpine 3

TranzAlpine 4

TranzAlpine 5

To end our two-week road trip in New Zealand’s south island, we took the TranzAlpine scenic train from Greymouth back to Christchurch where our journey began. We had been blessed by great weather so far, but on that day, the sky opened up and it poured down on us. We had a hectic time trying to unload the rental car at the train station without getting soaked all over, but we managed. As soon as the train departed, they announced that there was a mechanical problem with the train and as a result, the train would be severely delayed.

Do these things happen to you when you travel? I was instantly reminded of our holiday to Italy a few years back. We were travelling from Rome to Florence on a train and got stranded in the middle of nowhere because all train operators in the Tuscany region decided to go on a strike. Mid-ride, you better believe it. After waiting for hours (and in the heat too, because the air conditioning of the train was turned off and it was the peak of summer), an international train travelling the route stopped to pick us up and take us the rest of the way to Florence.

We did get to Christchurch in the end, in time for dinner, then it was straight to bed because we had to catch an early flight home the next day. That’s the thing with travelling. However well you’ve planned a trip, something beyond your control could mess it up and you have to take them in stride. After all, you’re on a holiday!

Thank you, New Zealand! You’ve been incredible.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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