Frans Josef Glacier Valley Walk


Frans Josef 1

Frans Josef 2

Frans Josef 3

Frans Josef 4

Frans Josef 5

Frans Josef 6

Frans Josef 7

Frans Josef 8

Frans Josef 9

Frans Josef 10

Frans Josef 11

Frans Josef 12

Frans Josef 13

Franz Josef 14

Franz Josef 15

Franz Josef 16

Franz Josef 17

Franz Josef 18

Franz Josef 19

Franz Josef 20

Franz Josef 21

Franz Josef 22

Franz Josef 23

Franz Josef 24

Franz Josef 25

Franz Josef 26

Franz Josef 27

Franz Josef 28

Franz Josef 29

Franz Josef 30

Seeing these photos after the trip really reminded me of how awestruck I was the day we took the Glacier Valley Walk to see the Frans Josef glacier up close. The walk took us up alongside the Waiho river bed following the glacier’s path of retreat, and surrounding us was this remarkable landscape left behind by the majestic ice giant. The walk to the glacier’s terminal face and back took us two hours (with plenty of stops because we took tons of photos!), but unfit as we were, we hardly felt it. The experience was like stepping into another world, strange and beautiful. You’d want to wear comfortable shoes, because the ground is uneven and the closer you get to the terminal face, the rougher and steeper the terrain gets. It also dawns on us that the further the glacier retreats in the coming years, the further we’ll have to walk to get to the terminal face. Not that it’s a deterrent.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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