Let’s do some OOTD!

Let’s take some photos! (And since my place is on the highest level, the lift ride plus the full-length mirror makes the perfect #ootd moments!)
Anyway I’m not what you call a fashionista, but sometimes it’s just good to have fun with my outfits! I hardly have the time to shop outside these days, but I try.. And when I can’t, then online shopping is the next best thing!
Here are some outfits from last week that I thought would be fun to show off cos they’re kinda different from my usual get-go.
So I got this cute colorful jumper from Zalora and so far I love wearing it on the weekends. The off-shoulder sleeve is a fun lil’ touch to the outfit, and just pair it with my red small bag from Nine West, off I go!
I’ve been wanting to sport this flannel look for a while cos I always saw it on youtube and I love how it looks casual yet trendy! It gives an extra ‘tomboyish’ style to the otherwise boring tanktop-and-shorts combination. I wore this on the weekend as well, but I think I can do a Casual Friday to the office on this too with nice pair of jeggings and heels! Got the flannel shirt from Topshop and the shorts is from Cotton On.
I also like the folded sleeve action that I can do here, and I guess if you’re feeling cold you can always just roll the sleeve back. 
Okay, I wasn’t too sure about this one cos I’ve never had pencil skirts before. Majority of my go-to work outfits are dresses. But I always admire how sexy pencil skirts can look on women, and when I saw this skirt online, I thought I’d give it a try. I was gonna wear a shirt and tuck it in the skirt, but my hip is actually lower than most people (my hip is such a hipster), so whenever I wear a skirt, it doesn’t fall nicely but always a bit too high for me because of my hip-disposition. So I decided to just look for a top which hangs loosely and not too long so I didn’t have to tuck it in the skirt.  
Surprisingly I quite like this combination so I’ll definitely experiment more with different tops and see how it goes.
Oh and I really love this dress! It looks like a 2-piece but it’s actually a one-piece dress. Got this from Zalora also from their Chinese New Year collection so you see the details on the top is very new year-feel! So pretty right? And it has high-neck design so it kinda feels like a cheongsam top. I wore this on the first day of Chinese New Year during visitation and so far I love it!
That’s all for now! If you like seeing more of this post, let me know and I can try doing maybe a weekly OOTD compilation. It could be fun, although it probably will get boring after a while. 🙂
Have a lovely weekend, people! And stay awesome!

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