Capsule Wardrobe Update

Remember my capsule wardrobe? It’s been 3 months, give or take, since I built my first one, so it’s about time I give you an update of how it’s worked for me. In coming up with my capsule wardrobe, which in terms of timing coincided nicely with my move to Adelaide, South Australia, I’ve gotten rid of two boxes of clothing. Yup, you heard me right. 2 whole boxes, which with V’s help found their way to the nearest Salvation Army drop box. I realised I’ve been holding on to so many things I wasn’t fond of anymore (because our styles evolved, right?) or which were simply ill-fitting (some I refused to admit were so when I tried them, some I thought I would alter but never got around to). It was liberating to let them go and end up with a collection I can truly say I love and would wear often.

My first capsule wardrobe consisted of 37 pieces of clothing, including shoes, but excluding underwear, sleepwear, bags, and accessories. I found out after we moved to Adelaide that: one, they weren’t enough to keep me comfortable in the midst of Adelaide’s erratic spring weather (it could be sizzling hot one day and windy and cold the next), and two, I didn’t have enough outfits for work because I worked in a formal office environment, so my casual and work outfits do not overlap. There were also a few complications where I wore out a couple of old pieces, and another couple were ruined by our new washer/dryer/washing powder combo, so I had to pull a few pieces from storage and buy a few new ones. Nothing dramatic but see, it wasn’t part of the plan.

These days I’m more relaxed about it and just go with the flow. I buy the things I like but keep a sharp editing eye on the things I already own so I’m quick to replace or dispose of them when they’re past their useful lifetime. The count of items I keep in my wardrobe is closer to 60, and I’m okay with that. I know I can reduce it further if instead of buying clothes of all colours and patterns I stick to one colour scheme, so I’ll keep that in mind in my future purchases. I will share more about the process here in due time.


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