Weekend Casual

walking around the citywalking around the citywalking around the city

Top: Everlane

Pants: Uniqlo

Bag: a gift from my sister from London

Sandals: Everlane

V and I always walk around the city running errands and doing our domestic shopping in the weekend. It may sound ordinary, boring even, but the truth is, I find this routine very comforting and uplifting in its simplicity. Just the two of us, doing our same old, simple, weekly business. Discussing what to cook/eat in the week to come, what entertainment to enjoy in the evenings (we recently finished 5 seasons of Offspring, an Australian series. If you haven’t heard of it, I think it’s Australian tv at its best, go check it out!), sharing our thoughts about recent events, world news, planning our future. Talking about anything and everything, really, while enjoying Adelaide’s weather, people, and atmosphere.

This is what I typically wear for these walks: something casual and comfortable, often a pair of glasses to give my eyes time to breathe. I’m shortsighted and have my contacts on most of the time because the pressure these glasses exert on the bridge of my nose gives me a headache if I wear them for a prolonged time, but optometrists always advise going without contacts for at least one day every week so the eye cells get enough oxygen and time to regenerate. Summer is finally here, so soon enough you’ll see me in tees and shorts!

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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