City of Melbourne

on Colin Streettrain stationone of Melbourne's many alleywaystrain stationfree bikes, anyone?At Eureka Skydeck 88 highest vantage point in the Southern hemisphereEureka Towerby the arts museumShrine of RemembranceMelbourne cityscapeat Hosier Lanegraffitiat Hosier Lane

V and I had exactly a week to spend in Melbourne (the most liveable city in the world as my friend Yos continues to remind me) and unfortunately I spent most of it working, but we certainly made the most of the weekend! Melbourne is notorious for its erratic weather, but we had a glorious Saturday so naturally we had to roam around on foot. We had a huge breakfast in one of the trendy Melbourne alleyway cafes, admired the graffitis on Hosier Lane, visited the Eureka Skydeck (the tallest vantage point in the southern hemisphere!), paid our respect at the Shrine of Remembrance, and ended our day with dinner at a new but already very popular Asian fusion joint. I may not have joined the bandwagon on the most liveable city in the world sentiment just yet, but Melbourne, we certainly won’t mind going back.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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