Chinese Zodiac

zodiac rat

zodiac rat

zodiac ox

zodiac ox

zodiac tiger

zodiac tiger

zodiac rabbit

zodiac rabbit

zodiac dragon

zodiac dragon

zodiac snake

zodiac horse

zodiac goat

zodiac monkey

zodiac rooster

zodiac dog

zodiac pig

To say that I believe in astrology would be ridiculous but I find the whole thing rather amusing! To this day and age, some newspapers and magazines still feature a horoscope section, claiming to provide some insight on what the coming week or month has in store for us simply based on when we were born. Of course when statements like “Expect a big change in the middle of the month” are made, it can be interpreted so many different ways! We humans have a tendency to find meaning in things where there is none, which makes us all the more gullible.

We took these photos of the statues of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac in the Wong Tai Sin temple. Being born in January 1985 makes me a wood rat. Apparently this is what it says about me: “Not nearly as self-confident as they appear on the surface, Wood Rats will never expose this vulnerability to others. They’re successful despite their perpetual fear of failing. Wood Rats enjoy being with friends and family and fortunately for them, feelings of love and respect are mutual.”

While most of these statements are true about me, the first sentence isn’t. I don’t try to appear confident. I’m an open book and I always give away my insecurities. In fact, I find that people always believe in me more than I do myself.

Just for fun, what is your chinese zodiac and what does it say about you? Do you find it true?

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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