Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay

busy street

busy street

shopping malls

street shopping

busy street

me and Bertha at Causeway Bay



shopping mallAs I prepare this post, V and I are settling down in quiet Adelaide, South Australia, well into the third week since we relocated, and the crazy, crowded streets of Causeway Bay seem a world away. I enjoy shopping like any other girls, but the older I get, the more specific my style and taste become, which explains why after one full day of roaming the malls and marvelling at the many brands I’d heard about but could not find in Singapore or Australia, I really only ended up with 2 bags of new clothes: various basic pieces from Uniqlo and a couple of formal outerwear from Massimo Dutti. Both can be found in Singapore too, yes, but it’s true what they say, they are cheaper in Hong Kong.

I have a few more posts to go from our Hong Kong trip, in case you’re wondering, which is amazing given we were only there for a few days! V managed to capture so many pictures which I love and hope you enjoy too. I wish we can keep doing this and doing it more often too, travel and update this space with our stories and pictures, documenting our adventures together and entertaining you readers at the same time.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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