Park Island

Park Island bus stop

Park Island

Park Island beach

While most people visiting Hong Kong prefer to stay in the Tsim Sha Tsui district (for obvious reasons, there the Hong Kong harbour is met with a sea of plush malls, street shops, and traditional markets), V and I were lucky to be hosted by my dear friend Bertha and enjoy a home stay in the Park Island apartment complex on the island of Ma Wan, a quieter and more naturally scenic spot by comparison. This small island is connected to Tsing Yi by a suspension bridge named the Tsing Ma Bridge and to Lantau island by a cable-stayed bridge called the Kap Shui Mun bridge. The Park Island Transport Co. operates bus services from Park Island to the Tsing Yi MTR station and Hong Kong international airport, among other destinations, the main mode of transport for the Park Island residents. There is also a ferry service connecting the Park Island ferry pier to Hong Kong central, which we made use of once without much incident (sea sickness on my part, that is).

I always gravitate to the convenience of living in the city, as close as possible to the workplace to minimise commuting (I’ve never met any working adult who enjoys commuting to and from work, have you?), but I now appreciate some people’s choice to live someplace rather remote for a change. The bus ride from Hong Kong central to Ma Wan is an eye-soothing journey after a day spent in the office, you get more living space out there (have you seen how tiny Hong Kong apartments are in general?), in your free time you have the options to hike around the island, laze around in Park Island’s private beach, or use the facilities in the complex (restaurants, swimming pool, gym, spa). It’s your everyday island getaway.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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