Morning Walk

our driveway

loving the weather

winding road down to the sea

winding road

plants and flowers

nice weather

Top: Bardot

Cropped pants: Esprit

Coming from wintry Perth to warm Bali was good for my body and soul. I guess it helped that I didn’t have to wake up early and get ready for work too. Instead, I opened my eyes to the soft light of the morning filtering through the window, rolled around in the ridiculously comfortable Banyan Tree bed until I was completely awake, took my sweet time taking a shower (I guess the rainwater shower deserves a mention too), drying my hair, getting dressed, and what do you know, I forgot that I wasn’t a morning person and felt in the mood for a leisurely walk!

It’s funny how all this time I avoided wearing white because I thought it made me look darker (like most Asians, I dream of having fair, porcelain skin). That is until I chanced upon this lovely top in Bardot in Perth and fell in love with its breezy material and laser-cut detailing. I now realise the aversion was only in my head.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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