The Banyan Tree Experience

at the lobby with Vina

ginger tea

getting comfortable


Vina by the pool

infinity pool

Vina the buggy driver

by the infinity pool

Vina in the pool

at the patio

our private entrance

enjoying the walk

a dip in the pool

lounging by the pool

our entryway

infinity pool by the restaurant

clear blue sky and water

me in a sea of blue

Vina in a sea of blue

beach access behind the resort

three at the beach

Last month, V and I left Perth for good and flew to Bali for a 4-day holiday on our way back to Singapore. The last time we visited this Island of the Gods, we opted to stay in Rumah Taman, a modest guesthouse in the middle of a paddy field in Ubud, a cultural town in Central Bali. This time around, we thought we’d try the world-renowned luxury 5-star resort, Banyan Tree, and see what all the fuss is about.

Banyan Tree Ungasan is located at Bali’s southernmost peninsula, high on the cliffs above the Indian ocean. All guests stay in luxurious private villas designed in contemporary Balinese architecture, complete with a private infinity pool, a jet pool, and an exquisite garden. Standing by the pool and looking at the sea gives you the impression that you’re perched between the sea and the sky. Needless to say, our villa was nothing short of amazing. We always felt sorry to leave it, even to go sightsee, because it was the ultimate luxury and relaxation space!

Because the villas are spread in a sprawling complex, with each villa having its own private entrance, we ride buggies to get around the resort, mainly between our villa, the main lobby, the restaurant where we enjoy a delectable breakfast buffet every morning, and the resort’s private beach! We noticed that while the land surrounding the resort was rather dry and the plants were wilting under the heat, the resort was beautifully maintained, with lush greeneries and fresh flowers everywhere we looked.

I would recommend this resort to anyone seeking a quiet, relaxing escape from their humdrum lives, or to rekindle some romance with their loved ones. I wouldn’t recommend this resort to people coming to Bali hoping to see the myriad of things the beautiful island has to offer because for what you pay to stay here, you should stay as long as humanly possible and make the most out of your Banyan Tree experience. You won’t regret it.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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