Fraser Suites Perth

new neighbourhood

in front of Fraser Suites

Fraser Suites Perth

elevator shot

our apartment

our living room

lounging about

small intimate dining room

our bedroom

our bathroom

there's a tub!

gorgeous view

couch potato

Fraser Suites magazine

abstract art

complimentary wine

heated pool

it really is warm

1.15 m

ready for a swim

little Dave

happy as a clam

waiting at the lobby

at the lobby

me at the lobby

with the orchids


me at the lobby

visit from my cousin & family

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! V and I are back in Singapore, fresh from our 3-day holiday in Bali! We have lots of photos to share, but my strange compulsion to post chronologically won’t let me skip these series of photos we took in our last month in Perth. We were incredibly lucky to stay at the Fraser Suites, a new serviced apartment located at the fringe of the city center. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the city, I highly recommend you check Fraser Suites out because for less than what you would pay for a hotel room in the same location, you’d get a fully furnished, sophisticated apartment, complete with a kitchen, a dining table, a washer, and a dryer. It also has all the facilities you can expect in a hotel: 24-hr concierge, room service, a fancy restaurant downstairs, a gym, a swimming pool, and a hot jacuzzi!

Fraser Suites has properties around the globe, all situated in key business and entertainment districts. I don’t know about you, but I’m a convert! I’m going to look for similar apartments the next time I travel.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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