Lunch at the Atrium

me at the Crown lobby

in front of the Atrium

Dave's dessert

father son kiss

I don’t say this enough, but I love spending time with my family. With the exception of a handful of close friends, my family are the only people I can truly open up to. There is no need for pleasantries, no expectation to ensure a continuous flow of conversation, and no pressure to be anyone better than myself. I’m much closer to my mom’s side of the family, but my cousin Daniel is the one person from my dad’s side of the family I actually know very well and love. 3 years ago, he and his family moved to Perth, so my temporary work assignment in Perth brings with it the wonderful gift of their company. V and I spend a lot of weekends hanging out with them enjoying a variety of food Perth has to offer and getting to know our little nephew Dave better.

Last month we had lunch together at the Atrium, a buffet restaurant at Crown Perth. The choices of buffet restaurants in Perth, compared to Jakarta or Singapore, are really quite sad, and the last couple we tried, Carvers and Korean BBQ, were both a disappointment, so naturally V and I really looked forward to the day. Thank goodness, the Atrium was superb! The restaurant is very stylishly decorated and the vast array of sumptuous dishes on offer is simply stunning! There is generous seafood, a comprehensive Asian station, a wide choice of Western and European dishes, and a dessert section that makes all your sweet food dreams come true! We had a wonderful time and couldn’t think of a better place to go to for special occasions.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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