Brunch @ Symmetry

Usually work has blasted my entire energy that I normally stay in on weekends for some “me” time. “Me” time can consist of binge-watching the earlier seasons of ’24’, sleeping in only to wake up for meals (I know you’re judging me), or simply just spending time with the boyfriend whom I don’t get to see on weekdays.

But this particular weekend, my longtime friend managed to drag my bum up at 12pm on Saturday for a lovely brunch at a place that she’s been reading up online and wanting to try. Now, this is amazing. We got there around 1pm and the place was packed! It was so packed that even the outdoor seats were full and boy, the weather was so hot that you could boil an egg on the street if you wanted to. The fact that some people were willing to eat outside in that kind of weather meant the place was full with the capital F.

Now, I wouldn’t have thought that this cafe would attract so many people because it was not necessarily near any convenient train station. But I guess Singaporeans love brunch! And according to my friend, there are hundreds of quirky, secluded cafes like these all around the islands that are always packed on weekends.

I have to say, the place was indeed cozy. The walls were filled with handwritten quotes about food and coffee, vintage posters, and it does give a very homey and unique vibe. Luckily we managed to get seated pretty quickly, and we ordered the recommended Big English Breakfast and Waffles for desert. My friend got herself a cup of cappuccino, while I opted for an ice cold beer. (Did you hear what I said about the scorching hot weather?)


My beer came in this cutesy cup, how adorable!

And afterwards, our food came…


I gotta say that this was one of the best English Breakfast I’ve ever had, and I have been to UK! Everything was so tasty; sausage was tender and juicy, sauteed mushrooms were heavenly, bacon was cooked with added ingredient that made it sweet and salty at the same time, scrambled eggs were peppery and soft and.. Okay, I think you got the picture.


I definitely enjoyed that brunch. Maybe I should use up my weekends to explore more hidden gems like this!


Happy weekend, everyone!


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