Foxy in Fremantle

blue and grey

brick wall

carriage cafe

park bench


almost sunset

waiting for sunset



red sky

fiery colours

Sweater: Target

Shorts: EDC by Esprit

Tights: from ASOS

Boots: Ecco

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag

It’s been a while since V and I went to Fremantle. In fact, this could be our first this year. Can you tell from my outfit the weather has started to change? When else would I wear a pair of shorts and tights?

We arrived in the late afternoon and stayed until the sun went down. The old fort by the sea was a great location to watch the sun set, and on this particular day the sky decided to treat us with a spectacular burst of fiery colours. Australians, you really are a lucky bunch.

On this note, our stay in Australia may be coming to an end. I was lucky to come here for a work assignment, but that assignment is ending in June. When I think about what this assignment has allowed me to experience, I can’t help but be grateful and excited for what my next assignment may bring! I’ll know more in the next few weeks. Until then, we’d better soak up the Australian sun!

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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