City of Perth, Part 2

St Georges cathedral 6

St Georges cathedral

St Georges cathedral 2

St Georges cathedral 3

St Georges cathedral 4

St Georges cathedral 5

London Court 1London Court 2

London Court 3

London Court 4

London Court 5

Top: EDC by Esprit

Jeans: old Levi’s

Cross-body bag: a gift from my sister from London

Heels: Hush Puppies

Hello friends, and welcome to part 2 of a series of pictures showcasing the city of Perth! You can find part 1 here if you’d like. This part features the old but grand St. George’s Cathedral and the iconic London Court which is very popular among tourists. Can you tell that I love walking around the city? I hope you enjoy the pictures ‘cos there are still more beautiful spots I’d like to capture in the series!

Also coming up: photos from our recent trip to Bali over the Easter break! It was a much-needed holiday and I’m already missing the food and pretty scenery! Why do holidays always feel so short?

Photos by me and Arnold Hozana



  1. Beautiful pictures. Big fan of the architecture at London Court, though it has been a while since I’ve been there.

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