Ceng Beng 2014

Ceng Beng 1

Ceng Beng 2

Ceng Beng 3

Ceng Beng 4

Ceng Beng 5

Ceng Beng 6

Ceng Beng 7

Ceng Beng 8

Ceng Beng 9

Ceng Beng 10

Ceng Beng 11

Ceng Beng 12

Ceng Beng 13

Ceng Beng 14

Ceng Beng 15

Ceng Beng 16

Ceng Beng 17

Ceng Beng 18

Ceng Beng 19

I started Three of a Kind to document my life with my 2 sisters, but because of my current overseas work assignment in Perth, I only get to see them a few times a year. Last weekend, we were reunited in our home town of Jakarta, Indonesia, for Ceng Beng (Hokkian for Qing Ming, the Chinese yearly tomb-sweeping festival), and even though it was an awfully short trip, we managed to catch up and relive the good old days. It was all the more special because we visited our grandma’s and mom’s grave sites, together with all our aunts and uncles from our mom’s side of the family. Everyone was well and healthy, though in disbelief that it’s been seven years since we lost grandma and mom. For us, the younger generation, going back to Losari, where our grandma and mom came from, was always a sobering experience of how privileged we are because of their sacrifice and hard work. Despite our heritage, we no longer observe many Chinese traditions, but I’m surely thankful for this one.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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