Crown Perth

Crown Perth 1

Crown Perth 2

Crown Perth 3

Crown Perth 4

Crown Perth 5

Peplum tee: Target

Cropped denim pants: Esprit

Necklace: Esprit

Sandals: Staccato, from Singapore

Bag: Tory Burch

While most people enjoy going to the casino for the obvious reason, to gamble and soak up the buzz, the thing that gets me excited is the food! If my experience in Vegas taught me one thing, it was that food in the casino is really good and really cheap! Provide everything people ever need in a casino, and they may never leave. By never, they really mean not until they run out of all their cash, possibly max out their credit cards as well. Whether it’s because of my strict upbringing or my analytical nature, gambling never appeals to me. I don’t like taking risks, even more when the odds are not in my favour. I used to think surely everyone thought the same way? Boy, I was naive.

So when V and I went to Crown Perth, a luxurious complex made up of a hotel, a spa, a theatre, a convention centre, a range of restaurants, and a casino, you can bet it was in search of good food. We’ve heard good things about the restaurants in the complex and wanted to know what the fuss was all about. We decided to start with Carvers, an all-you-can-eat restaurant inside the casino. For all our excitement, it was… disappointing. The variety and quality of food did not meet our expectation and we didn’t think we would ever return there. It did nothing to dampen our day though, and we had a great time exploring the complex (and noting down the restaurants we’d have to try next)! I think my colourful pastel outfit definitely helped to elevate my mood. šŸ™‚

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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