Smith Journal

Smith Journal vol 10 cover

Smith Journal vol 10 stereotype

Smith Journal vol 10 things i believe

A few months ago, I stumbled across Frankie and Smith Journal; top notch, quality publications produced by an Australian publishing house Frankie Press. The talented folks in Frankie Press started with Frankie, featuring great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads, real people, and pretty photography aimed towards the female readers. It is definitely cuter and has more character than most women’s titles out there, but it was the Smith Journal which came later and was geared towards discerning men which eventually won me over.

Just like Frankie, Smith Journal is printed on thick, matte paper (a small detail, a lot of class, in my opinion). The layout is very clean and minimalistic, letting its articles and beautiful photography speak for themselves. The content is incredibly fascinating, thanks to some of the best writing in magazines you’ll ever encounter. It transforms a wide variety of topics into interesting and unusual reads, the kind that sparks your curiosity, enriches your knowledge, broadens your perspective, and inspires your life. My only complaint? Being a quarterly publication, it doesn’t come out often enough.

Photos via Smith Journal


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