by the gazebo

up the gazebo

lake and jetty

Dress: Petite Cupcakes, from Indonesia

Bag: Coach, a gift from my aunt

Wedges: Hush Puppies

Sunnies: Boss Orange, by Hugo Boss

Last weekend, V and I were invited to the full month celebration of my friend’s first baby girl. We met and greeted baby Kaylene, tossed the salad to welcome the new Chinese Year of the Horse, and enjoyed a feast of Indonesian food. It still feels surreal to me, how most of my friends have become mothers or fathers by now. I see them as completely different persons, proper adults with big responsibilities, homes and family lives to build. Me? I’m still the same girl who loves fiction, travel adventures, and wide open weekends.

My friend lives in a suburb called Maylands and in front of her house is a scenic lake with a gazebo and a tiny wooden jetty. V and I couldn’t help but take a few pictures before we left. Wasn’t it a beautiful sunny day? I hope your weekend was lovely too.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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