In the Summer Sun

my cousin's house

my cousin's neighbourhood

late afternoon

thriving garden

pink flowers

Given the choice, I’m definitely a summer girl. You just can’t beat the comfort of being able to do things outdoors without hiding under layers of clothing. Summer in Perth can be brutal though, like for last few weekends when temperatures soared to 40 degrees and we had several neighbourhoods reporting bush fires. V and I found ourselves staying indoors, enjoying a marathon of White Collar and 30 Rock, and only going out when the sun was low enough not to burn our skin.

Last Saturday V and I visited my cousin’s family in Booragoon and took a short walk in their neighbourhood before we all went out for dinner. It was 6 pm, still bright and pleasantly warm, the kind of weather we all live for. I actually dug some old items out of my wardrobe: the blue laser-cut tunic was a nice, cheap find from Hanoi; I’ve had these old grey leggings and chain necklace for as long as I could remember; and I bought the Staccato sandals in Singapore last year precisely for summer days like these. The small, cross body bag was a gift from my sister. Are you all making the most of this summer?


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