Valley of the Giants Ancient Empire Walk

in the green

quiet forest

on the log

forest floor

hole in the tree


to Wonderland

This is the last of the 3 entries documenting our trip to the Valley of the Giants. After walking among the treetops (where V got jittery every time the suspension bridge swayed under our steps), the Ancient Empire Walk returned us back to earth and let us experience the forest from the ground. I am not an outdoor type of girl, and I think shopping is enough of a physical exercise, but I’d gladly spend hours walking about in this place. I found the tranquility of the forest quite otherworldly, and when I found a big, hollowed-out tree trunk, my mind imagined the beginning of Alice in Wonderland.

I hadn’t meant to blend in with the ancient surrounding, but I had to get this green jumper because it was quite chilly down there and this was the smallest size the gift shop carried. The shop lady actually laughed at me, teeth chattering and all in my delicate sleeveless top, and said they sold more jumpers in the summer than in the winter because travellers from Perth always thought it would be as hot down here, but of course it never was.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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