Hyde Park

sitting on a park bench

sun rays through the trees

still on a park bench

leather satchel in berry

resting on a tree branch

surrounded by greens

just chilling

Hyde Park

fresh air

art in the park

big trees

Top and Belt: Petite Cupcakes, from Jakarta

Pants: Uniqlo

Blazer: Cherry, from a street market in Sydney

Sandals: Staccato, from Singapore

Berry satchel: The Leather Satchel Company, from ASOS

When V and I have some time to ourselves and we do not quite know what to do, we often go to the park and take a leisurely walk around. V gets to exercise his photography, I get to de-stress and pretend I’m a model (delusional, I know), we get some sun, fresh air, and appreciation for the outdoors. Kings Park is our usual preferred destination since it’s so close to where we live, but I thought we needed some alternatives, so we headed to Hyde Park instead, another inner-city park just 2 km north from the CBD.

Though it’s a small park, Hyde Park has a lake in the middle of it which makes it a lovely spot for a picnic (there’s something peaceful about gazing into a body of water). The people we saw there were mostly locals exercising, walking their dogs, and bringing their kids out to play. Me? I was breaking my new satchel, with magenta pants and lipstick to match.


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