John Forrest National Park

start of the trail

hot day

short break


in the hut 2

rest 2

fooling around

tall trees

in the bush

in the bush 2

hot and sunny

our way back

Sweatshirt: River Island

Pants: Banana Republic

Cloche: Blue Illusion

Sandals: Ugg

Bag: F29

If you are looking to experience the quintessential Australian bush walking experience, John Forrest National Park is a great place to visit. Located just 24 km east of Perth, this is Western Australia’s oldest national park and was named after the famous explorer and statesman Sir John Forrest, who became the first Premier of Western Australia. Several trails run through various parts of the park and lead you to the Hovea and National Park falls and a historical railway tunnel, but we soon found that the markings weren’t clear enough and we had to peel our eyes open not to miss the the sign posts.

I reckon the day we went to the John Forrest National Park was the first hot day in Perth since the beginning of spring. I brought my coat along for the hike, but decided to leave it in the car and wear this cloche instead to protect my face from sunburn. Hardly an appropriate hat for the occasion, but the other hat I have with me was a wide-brimmed beach hat and that would look considerably more out of place. This is probably a good time to admit that even though hiking can be enjoyable, in my books hiking on a hot day is not, so after we located the Hovea fall and took enough pictures of my adorable cat sweatshirt, we doubled back to the car and drove home, blasting the aircon all of the way.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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