Spring in My Step

muted colours at dusk

denim blue and orange

flowers on the memorial

yellow flowers

afternoon light

hello little girl


at the gazebo


maroon flowers


flowers on my feet

smell the flowers


Dress: River Island, from ASOS

Tights: Pigeonhole

Brogues: Gripz

Bag: Coach

It’s taken a while, but spring is finally on Perth’s doorstep. This was just a nice, simple day to dress up and admire the weather, where else but at Kings Park.

I’m a practical girl and used to dressing up for the appropriateness the occasion dictates and comfort more than style, but now that work doesn’t occupy too much of my time, I’m slowly remembering the joy of taking the time to pick what to wear, minding the little things like the combination of colours and accessories, and loving the resulting outfits, however simple they may be. The blue and orange combination of this outfit, for example, is an instant cheer-me-up. Add to that the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful late afternoon light of Kings Park; for a moment all my worries just melted away.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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