Theme-Inspired Nails

Recently I’ve had this funky fascination with my nails, (c’mon ladies, who doesn’t?) but it’s not just that. Whenever I’m at that nail parlour, and I’m presented with these stacks of colours to choose from, I panic! All these lovely combinations, how am I ever going to choose? I can’t!

Okay, maybe it’s not as dramatic and important of a decision as I may have described. But you know what I mean, right? Personally, I like simple, one colour-tone for my nails, as opposed to those fancy nail arts when you can have Minion drawn on your nails, or have ribbons sticking out from your fingers. “How can they type on the keyboard, or tap on their phone with those nails?” I always thought.

Maybe one day I should give it a try just to find out.

But I have come up with the perfect solution to help you choose the colours for your nails. It all started when I randomly had my nails painted yellow and purple like this.

yellow and purple nails

It was only after I got home and my sister, Meli saw my nails that she exclaimed, “LA Lakers!” Apparently, despite being a non-basketball fan, I have chosen the exact colours as their team logo.

LA Lakers

From then on, we kept referring to my nails as ‘LA Lakers-inspired nails.’

The next time I was at the nail parlour, I knew exactly what I wanted. A Bumblebee-inspired nails. It became so much more fun having a theme or a character in mind, and then have your nails represent that.


What do you think?

And my current nails now are inspired by the Gryffindor house from Harry Potter. (With more glitters)

glittery Griffindor

I personally love this so much!

Meanwhile, share with me your personal favourite nail colours and what inspired them?


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