Zig Zag Drive

the sunlit trail

t'was sunny but cold

bush crawling


on the rocks 1

on the rocks 2

dusk is coming

Perth in the distance

Dress: GG5

Stockings: Marks & Spencer

Boots: Ecco

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag, from Shopbop

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

What makes winter bearable in Perth is that you generally still get plenty of sunlight. You couldn’t tell from the pictures, but it was a cold late afternoon and I was freezing without my jacket (I also had my eyes fixed on the ground most of the time because I was avoiding the giant bull ants). We were out on the Zig Zag Drive, 25 kilometres east from Perth, enjoying a panoramic view of the coastal plain and the city of Perth in the distance. The Zig Zag Scenic Drive was originally a section of railway line built in 1903 to transport timber from the top of the hills down. Because of the steep gradient of the hills, the track required a series of switching points, hence the Zig Zags.

The timber industry eventually closed down, and the rails were removed in 1952. Bitumen replaced the rails, and the Zig Zag Drive became a 3 km scenic road. The road is very narrow, and has many hairpin turns, so for safety reasons it is a one way drive down to the plain. The many skid marks on the road serve to prove that the locals love to use it as an illegal downhill race track, but we did the opposite, that is we drove really slowly and stopped often to wander around the trail and take in the last golden rays of the sun before it set on the horizon.

Photos by Arnold Hozana


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