Personal Finance

On Personal Finance

This post is slightly different from what I normally write on this blog, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. We (or at least I) live in a world where talking about money is considered rude or impolite. Money matters are sensitive and discussions on topics more specific than general advice… Continue reading On Personal Finance

Style & Beauty

Handmade Shift Dress

Would it surprise you if I say most of the items in my closet (>90%) are multiple years old? I came to the realisation some time ago, followed by a rather extreme but deliciously tempting idea to do a complete overhaul, i.e. get rid of everything I own and start building a wardrobe from scratch,… Continue reading Handmade Shift Dress


The Second Tallest Building and the Highest Starbucks in the World

OK, so this is the last of the posts you'll see about my trip to Taipei, Taiwan at the beginning of the 2018. Wait, what? Yes, I'm the girl who is posting stuff almost an entire year behind. Thank goodness I'm not writing your time-sensitive news is all I'm saying. Visitors to Taipei won't miss… Continue reading The Second Tallest Building and the Highest Starbucks in the World



Our last destination for the day, after roaming the narrow alleys of Jiufen, was Shifen, a small village around the Shifen railway station area. Originally built for transporting coal during the Japanese era, the station and track run straight through the village. People come to Shifen for the experience of writing their wishes onto chinese lanterns and setting… Continue reading Shifen